Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Online Course Agreement & NDA

    3. Items Required to Start Course

    1. The Goal

    2. Dark Lip Categories

    3. What Can Go Wrong

    4. Quiz

    1. Pre-requisites

    2. Pre-procedure Care

    3. Client Consultation

    4. Quiz

    1. Machine

    2. Cartridges

    3. Tray Set-Up and Sanitation

    4. Quiz

    1. The Technique

    2. Saturation on different lips

    3. Direction of Working on Lips

    4. Proper & Improper Stretch

    5. The Basic Stretch

    6. The Finger Stretch

    7. The Cotton Stretch

    8. Assignment

    1. The Core

    2. The 5 Key Points

    3. Identifying Colours with the App

    4. Red Undertone

    5. Red Orange Undertone

    6. Orange Undertone

    7. Orange Yellow Undertone

    8. Touch Up Sessions

    9. Assignment

About this course

  • $500.00
  • 39 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

Most Intensive Training

Solve all Dark Lips with using only 3 colours today!

Who Will Benefit From This Course

  • For Artist With Lip Blush & Machine Experience

    1 year Experience/ Have done more than 30 Lip tattoo

    If you have no experience with dark lip neutralisation technique, this course covers everything about it. It is an advance technique and we do not go over the basics and fundamentals of lips. *You are required to take our lip blush course if you do not have or feel you lack the knowledge of lips.

  • For Advance Lip Tattoo Artist

    If you have experience in Dark Lip Neutralisation but encounter issues such as:

    Unsure of the right colours to neutralise, depth of implantation, swelling of lips, client in pain, taking more than 2 hours per procedure, healed result not as expected, how to handle client? We'll share the secrets behind solving these problems.

  • 35 Modules

    Ever growing throughout your 1 year learning time. New modules will be added, Continuous learning as you go along. If you have any questions or would like us to cover a topic, we welcome your suggestions after the course

  • 1 Year Access

    Take your time in the comfort of your space to learn and grow together with us and the community we build with on-going support

  • Certificate Of Completion

    Will be sent after completion of course.

  • Tips & No Secrets

    We reveal everything we do at the Browserie Studio from the moment we receive a client on text until after support for our clients. This way you can implement into your studio workflow

  • Homework

    Quizzes and assignments are given for practice, Instructor will moderate and assist students to ensure students are well versed with the course